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Bring the family on Sunday, January 25, 2015 at the Pub from  4:00pm to 5:00pm

In response to the success of its winter series of Fireside Chats, Flinders District Historical Society is sponsoring a summer Seaside Chat with skin diver Stephen Crowe.  Stephen will present a film by Pang Quong of some of the creatures under the pier.  Hear how the pier came to be built and how it was used in the early days of Flinders.

Bookings:  FCA - PO Box 99 Flinders 3929

Cost: $5 - includes tea/coffee/soft drink and muffin


STOP PRESS - Progress in the Parks

Redevelopment of the playspace  commenced on Monday 10th November anf is nearly complete.

Temporary security fencing has been installed and a sign erected explaining the works to residents. It is expected that works will be completed by mid December and the playspace will be open soon afterwards.
The picnic settings and seats for both Cook Street and Flinders Parks are looking good.

Removal of the existing furniture at Cook street took place immediately before the installation of the new so as not to inconvenience the community more than necessary.


AND, the table and seats has been installed at the entrance to the Flinders Pier beside the soon to be improved and re-painted shed.



Flinders Shorebird News

The Victorian Wader Study Group (VWSG)  banded  Red-necked Stints and Ruddy Turnstones on the ocean beach recently.

We were trying to catch adult Ruddy Turnstones to attach some data loggers to get more data on their migration to and from their breeding area in Siberia. However we were only able to catch juveniles, 10 out of the 10 birds we caught. This was very rewarding in one sense as we have had only one or two juveniles in the past two years, so at least it probably means that they have had a reasonable breeding season in the Arctic. Ruddy Turnstone numbers have decreased in the East Asian Australasian Flyway in recent years  and we are keen to get more data to help in our understanding of their decline.

We banded 67 Red-necked Stints, which was almost the complete flock. There have been between 60-90 Stints on the ocean beach. Both of these shorebirds will stay until April when they again fly the 12,500 kms to Siberia.

If you would like to be involved in the work of the VWSG, which is a completely volunteer organisation contact,

Penny Johns  pennyjohns@hotmail.com  or 5989 0792


NEW MPS Mayor is Bev Colomb. The Briars Ward Cr. has just been elected for a second stint for 2014/15

And we have a new CEO for the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

Dr Michael Kennedy has been told that his contract due to end in February next year will not be extended after 15 years as our CEO.

He will leave his position in the middle of November, and the new CEO is........

Mr Carl Cowie who commenced with the Shire on December 1.
Mr Cowie is an internationally experienced senior executive leader, who has used his finance background to lead significant business turnarounds. With experience in Healthcare, Facilities Management, Transport, Manufacturing and Construction Project Management his focus has been on building a stronger business/organisation, maximising performance and customer satisfaction. Through strong personal management his philosophy is one of a 'hands on' approach to building high performance teams and executing a clear business strategy.
Mr Cowie holds qualifications in economics, finance, an MBA from Monash Mt Eliza Business School and has studied at Harvard’s School of Public Health in Boston.

Mr Cowie said he is looking forward to working with everyone in making a positive contribution to the success of the Shire.



Flinders Pre-school wins Community Prize in the 2014 Hinterland Scarecrow Festival Trail

 Also - Business category winner: Elizabeth Surry.
Community category winner: Flinders Pre-school
Junior Category winner: Ryder and Cassidy Pascoe
Sustainability Category winner: Dromana Pre-school
People’s Choice Winner: Bright Futures of Mt Martha Community Learning Centre

For more visit scarecrowfestival.org.au



SCULPTURE gets the planning permit. Only taken nearly 9 months!


ROSEBUD SPA project - back to the drawing board

The MPS has scrapped the controversial $35/40 million swimming pool complex planned for the Rosebud foreshore and sent it back for a re-think.


New head of Lions Club

It seems an apt simile for the team at the Lions Club that, under Gabby Crehan's Presidency, it has mirrored the hopes of its important CPR intitiative (with the new defibrillation unit ready for use outside the Village Store) - it is resuscitated and revitalised.

The Lions had a successful year both in growing its membership, its fund raising and the support for local chairities and community groups.

New President, Pamela Palma has a strong act to follow!



Surprised locals saw a veritable film studio in operation with JOHN The POST (our beloved Flinders post master) in the spotlight.

It seems that Australia Post, recognising the historical significance and beauty of our Post Office - and the services provided therein - has chosen John Derham as its poster boy for a major advertising campaign. It commences before Christmas - so, brace yourselves for an influx of curious visitors.



The Minister for Planning has overturned his own short-lived ban on service stations being sited on the Green Wedge.

It seems we will have two petrol outlets with perhaps six fast food adjuncts on Peninsula Link because "it will provide jobs at Frankston and Baxter".

Yet, all that was needed was a sign pointing to C777 (exit 15) and the service station plus fast food outlet!




Application for annual membership is now open  

Membership includes access to Interest groups:

*Film group

*Play reading group

*Discussion Group

………with further groups waiting in the wings and covering:  Flinders flora and fauna, small group attendance for gallery and arts visits, Crafts, Music appreciation, Sculpture and Decorative arts. Contact Marcia Hausler 5989 1080.




The EPA last year rejected the proposal that a Tip be located at Red Hill following widespread community opposition.


“Many hands made light work”

 When on Saturday, 12 Oct 2013 the “gang” planted well over 400 plants near the Cable Station walk in 3/4 hour. Fantastic! with the wonderful Gladys Aarons organising it all. 




Check in to become members of this vibrant organisation (president Jo Monie) as Flinders prepares to celebrate in 2014 its beginnings as a village - 150 years on.

West Head Gunnery School

- Wonderful Visits

On 24 and 25 June two groups of Flinders people were welcomed by the Navy to their modern installation at West Head. Substantially rebuilt in 2009, 50 years after it was established as a naval gunnery installation, West Head is a large facility for what is a vital part of Navy training.

The FCA group on 24/6/13

For a bigger version of this pic and some others, go to:

Click Here

Read the story about the Flinders historical signage project

  Flinders Weather 


BRRRRRRRRR! I'm told it's a sure-fire way to enhance everything. Click for more.

Details of all local advertisers are on our site under Business Directory  

  Flinders Jetty? Confusion about weight loadbearing.

Parks Victoria has had trouble deciding what weight the new section of Jetty can bear!!! The first pic at top (5/2/12), then suddenly it became much stronger two weeks later (18/2/12)! But is the new Jetty long enough to allow for refuelling of the Pilot Boat?

Getting to know Flinders Shorebirds

On Sunday November 11, there was an escorted tour of Flinders Ocean Beach to identify and talk about our shorebirds (waders).

Penny Johns was thrilled by the attendance and an excitement was the discovery of a plovers nest on the beach with two eggs in it.

Please walkers be careful and (as all know) dogs are not allowed.

Flinders Tide information

Shoreham Community Association.  Visit their website


 Flinders Surf Cam

To bring home Flinders' "Birth Certificate" map, click here 
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The Council has refused to grant a permit for the planning application to build a petrol station at 34-36 Cook Street near the roundabout in Flinders.


There are a number of grounds listed - including the DDO14 requirements and also PLAN Mornington with its protection of the character of coastal villages such as Flinders.


As the decision, which is strongly supported by VicRoads, came in after the 60-days deadline, United Petroleum (UP) has decided to take its application to VCAT.


If you wrote to Council about the Balin development, you will receive notification of the grounds whereby the Council has made its decision AND also papers from UP's Lawyers which enable you to participate at the VCAT hearing sometime in 2015.


Click here to read VicRoads objection, calling for a re-design of the proposal; and the FCA's planning report commissioned (Niche Planning) to independently assess the proposal in light of the Flinders DDO14 provisions and the recently gazetted Planning rules for the Mornington Peninsula (referred to as PLAN Peninsula). 


At a very well-attended meeting (120 people) of the Flinders community held in the Town Hall on Sunday morning, 5 October 2014, there was almost total unanimity in opposing the United Petroleum service station plans as put forward for the Balin site on the corner of Wood and Cook streets. See Minutes of meeting


VILLAGE PUB applies for extensions to food and beverage service areas at 30 Cook Street


The Owners of the Flinders Hotel have applied to the MPS for planning permission to allow for the construction of four 'pavillions' beside the former Cove Motel restaurant.

The aplication is aimed at allowing families to be seved from the re-organised restaurant directly to two roofed trellis areas and two open ones.

There will be landscaping, some removal of shrubs and the "besser brick' look of the former restaurant will be altered by bagging the brickwork.

Anyone can check onto the MPS web site under Advertised Planning Applications foe Flinders to view the architect's plans and can make a submission to the Council planners during December.




Local residents Tom and Jenny Barr Smith are thrilled with the support given both here in Flinders and by those in the country Victoria touched by the efforts of four young men who recently undertook a 1300 kilometre bike ride challenge which raised over $100,000 for MND Australia.


The aim of the riders - Hugh Satchell, Andy Kaye, Gerrard Wild and Tony Ridley - in their four-day round trip, which began and ended in Albury, was to publicise the impact of motor neurone disease and to enhance research funding.


The riders were welcomed by enthusiastic members of our Flinders community when stopping of for a quick breakfast at Julie's Cafe on Saturday, November 8. 


Result - the establishment of the Jenny Barr Smith Foundation, with 100% of the money donated going directly to MND Australia ear-marked for research.


Son Darkie drove the back-up vehicle. The idea developed after he chose two friends from Albury to undertake the "ice bucket" challenge - Hugh (who took part in the testing ride) and Ben Simpson.


They believed a tough bike ride would raise more publicity and funding. The original objective was $20,000, but the target became $50,000 after sponsor Cleanaway chipped in $10,000, plus logistical backing. 


Thanks to the generosity of many, that figure has been more than doubled.


Tom and Jenny drove the nearly five hours to Albury on the Sunday to come into the town in the cavalcade. They both said that the welcome was tremendous and the efforts of so many for this important cause was emotional and heart-warming."



FCA Committee Meeting was held on THURSDAY 20 November at 7.30pm.  Go to FCA page for the latest minutes

Earlier report on Balin Service Station Application

Close on the heels of the Planning Minister’s support for the long fought MPS’s Peninsula Planning Statement – which aims to preserve “and enhance” local character, maintain urban boundaries and the Green Wedge  (see following story) – we now have to contain or oppose a substantial United Service Station planned for the Cook/Wood streets old Balin site.

A total of six bowsers (more than for Balnarring), 11 on-site parking spaces, a shop (or two?) and 24 hour service – plus the entrance proposed to be beside the Pier Provedore in Cook Street, with the exit to Wood Street.

There would be a lot of concrete and a large illuminated sign (2.7 metres).

The total look and character of Flinders will be changed in one swoop if this is approved – so the FCA is seeking advice and support for negotiating with the owners for something more appropriate for our community.

The link follows  http://www.mornpen.vic.gov.au/Building_Planning/Advertised_Planning_Applications/P141188_-_34-36_Cook_Street_FLINDERS

Perhaps United are going for the maximum and we can reduce the scope of the application or even change its design after discussion, BUT it will be fascinating to see how the Council (and its planners) react now it has the Government’s direction that planning on the Peninsula MUST maintain the character of coastal villages for the community benefit.


Maybe - Just Maybe - something important has taken place to protect the Mornington Peninsula for the future

Planning Minister Matthew Guy has announced details of a new Mornington Peninsula Planning statement (MPPS). This has now been gazetted and is therefore in effect.

It follows on recommendations of a committee chaired by Member for Mornington (David Morris MP) building on the continuing efforts of the council, its planners and others. The MPS approved its content and it has just been given support by the Minister and the State Government. 

The central thesis is that the existing "special" character of the peninsula should be maintained, the urban boundaries to remain as they are now and the Green Wedge recognised as a vital community asset.

Below is an analysis of the MPPS by Ranald Macdonald who was a member of David Morris' Committee:

Analysis of the Mornington Peninsula Localised Planning Statement which has just been approved by the Minister for Planning as new State Government policy for our region.

"Obviously, the wording of any new or revised planning policy is one thing, the real question is how it works out in practice.

But I have great hopes for this new piece of planning policy as the Government has had to make tough and (to many) unpopular decisions about the growth of Melbourne to accommodate the predicted population increase. Much of this is being handled through greater height and density in the Metropolitan areas and in specified growth areas (on the Peninsula they are Rosebud, Mornington and Hastings)

But Melbournians and tourists need to be able to get away from the city and it is a big appeal to visit the Mornington Peninsula – so any breaking of the green wedge and allowing unchecked, unsightly or obtrusive development would therefore be counter-productive. It would kill the ‘golden goose’, quite apart from impacting on the considerable agricultural worth of the Peninsula’s output.

So the Mornington Peninsula Planning statement according to Minister Matthew Guy puts a clear policy into place that:-

  • appreciates the diversity and delicate balance of land use which has been carefully planned over a long period
  • provides for a clear separation of the Mornington Peninsula from Metropolitan Melbourne, preventing expansion of the metropolitan area onto the Peninsula and maintaining the current settlement patterns
  • expresses the planning priorities for the Mornington Peninsula
  • integrates environmental, social and economic considerations
  • supports a strong land-use planning framework, providing certainty for landowners and the community over time

The detailed report has 47 different and very clearly expressed statements of policy and objectives.

The headings include – Integrated Planning; Protecting the Character and Role of the Settlements, Towns and Villages; Conservation of Natural Systems and Biodiversity; Protecting Landscape and Cultural Values; Providing for Sustainable Agriculture; Provision for Recreation and Tourism, and Planning for the (Hastings) Port Area.

I am not going to be Pollyanna-erish about the report BUT it does look good as it stands. It is the result of an enormous effort put into its preparation by Allan Cowley of the MPS and his crew, negotiations which took place between the CEO Dr. Michael Kennedy and Spring Street and then the final wording, which was subject to scrutiny and review of a five-person panel of which I was one.

The Planning Policy document was then put to the Mornington Shire Councillors for their approval.

After checking the final statement released and endorsed by the Minister word-by-word, I can assure you it has maintained its original integrity.

The simple issue is how it will impact on council policy decisions and the lower levels of planning on the peninsula – and how it is interpreted."

   Ranald Macdonald (FCA VP) 

Tim Wood is our new councillor representing the Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Red Hill ward.


RETIRED judge and new councillor Tim Wood says he will fight for a fairer share of council cash for his Red Hill ward constituents.

Mr Wood was elected to the Mornington Peninsula Shire council at Saturday’s by-election for the Red Hill ward.

The by-election attracted a record 17 candidates and received more than 8000 postal votes, going to preference votes after no single candidate received a majority of votes.

Mr Wood, 67, told the Leader he first became interested in local government after he won a VCAT case against the shire.

“I had a planning case myself and I formed the view that although I got the permit, I thought some of the conditions were not right,” he said.

“So I went to VCAT about it and I won that.

“There was no point sitting around home crying about it, I had to prosecute my legal rights so I did.”

Mr Wood said the main priorities for Red Hill were road safety issues and council funding.

“People want the roads looked at and improved,” he said.

“Not just the surface of the roads, but the confusing speed limits that are there, it’s a big safety issue.

“They feel ... they haven’t got their fair allocation of council funds to improve the ward.

“The [Red Hill] ward is 45 per cent of the whole shire.

“I also want to listen to what people want to say.”

Mr Wood is well versed in public life as a QC and as a County Court judge for almost 15 years.

He also served as a lawyer in the navy and in 2006 was appointed as the Deputy Judge Advocate General for the Australian Defence Forces.

Mr Wood did not shy away from public comments that the high number of candidates was a sign of dissatisfaction with the shire council.

“I can’t speak for what they all say, but that was the feeling,” he said.

“The strong feeling was that Red Hill was a forgotten ward.”

Fellow candidates Kylie Greer, Alistair Young and Michael Treadwell congratulated the new councillor at a formal announcement on Monday morning.

The by-election was triggered in May after former councillor Frank Martin stepped down for health reasons.

Article reprinted from Leader Newspapers (Bayside)


At the MPS Council meeting on Monday 11 August 2014, the full Council approved the Andrew Rogers sculpture on the Flinders roundabout. Six votes to three. 

The Leader and WPN were represented, and Red Hill Ward candidates, Barbara Porter and Mark Fancett, were in attendance. 

The Council agreed to a condition that the community be consulted further in two years from the date of meeting.



FULL MORNINGTON PENINSULA SHIRE COUNCIL MEETING WAS HELD IN FLINDERS on July 26  - Discussion on Sculpture proposal was the First Item 

The council invited members of the Flinders Community and those nearby to "have their say" at its meeting in the Flinders Village Hall. And a lively session it proved to be. No decision was taken as it was basically information gathering before the regular Council Meeting.


(The link to Sculpture below carries the FCA assessment and also a Position Paper received from those opposing its acceptance.)




Well, we will claim him as a local - his parents Steve and Pat Fogarty live in Bass street and were in London to see their son Jim, the Australian garden designer, win the top award at the prestigious Hampton Court show. He is a Flinders ratepayer and gave his services to three lucky Flinders residents to be auctioned at the FCA dinner a couple of years ago.


His display featured 50 Australian native plants and was inspired by the Aboriginal Dreamtime story of the Rainbow Serpent.




It seems as though the persistent lobbying by the FCA to gain Council funding for our parks and for general township enhancement has finally paid off.

CEO Dr. Michael Kennedy has written to the President of the FCA outlining the council’s response to our proposals for planting, minor streetscape projects and implementation of the Flinders Park Master Plan – recently approved by the MPS.

He has informed us that the Shire has budgeted for $80,000 for the Flinders Park Playground, Cook Street, for Flinders to be the only township to be allocated funding for township streetscape and beautification works ($50,000) and a further $50,000 for the first stage of the Flinders Park Master Plan implementation.

Importantly, for improving road safety, we have applied to VicRoads to reduce the speed limit within the town limits from 60 kmph to 40 kmph (unofficially, we have been told that the likely reduction will be to 50), finalization of the pedestrian crossings in Cook Street and the marking of a centre line in that street.

Other matters discussed by the CEO include immediate removal of a dangerous cypress tree and plans for work on the pier and the foreshore area, new picnic tables and chairs in the parks etc. etc.

The next item (below) shows volunteers at work on planting that took place in May.

Perhaps the 150th Birthday Gift to Flinders has been the cumulative work of the FCA over the years, which has before (and is now) bearing fruit?





On Friday 16 May 2014, a group of FCA Volunteers planted trees in the Flinders Parks. So the work of Park Renewal has begun and the FCA funded most of the work. More trees were planted on Friday 23 May and Friday 30 May to plant shrubs.  See photo below of some of the volunteers.



NEWS FLASH Council Replaces Flinders Residential 1 Zone


with Neighbourhood Residential Zone as an Interim Response




At its meeting on Monday 24 February 2014 Council adopted Amendment C179 recommendations for the new residential zones to apply to all Residential 1 Zones (R1Z) on the Mornington Peninsula.  The new Neighbourhood Residential Zone will not at this stage replace the Design and Development Overlays (DDOs) that contain building siting and design controls in Flinders.




The Council officer report with the Council meeting Agenda on 24 February states: 
“The DDOs at this time provide options that are not available in the zone schedule and conversion would require careful consideration requiring more time for community consultation that is available”  “The conversion to the new zones is as neutral as possible ie aligning the new controls as far a possible to those existing” “It is not feasible …to consider and justify any significant changes to planning controls”.


The Amendment by the Shire implements Government direction to provide greater certainty and emphasis on protection of neighbourhood character in new zones by identifying areas that are:

  • To accommodate significant growth (Residential Growth Zone)
  • Where moderate growth and incremental change may occur(General Residential Zone)
  • Areas of limited (if any) growth and change (Neighbourhood Residential)



Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ) replaces R1Z in Flinders and will retain DDO 2 and 3 areas.  No General Residential Zone (GRZ) is proposed in Flinders.  The GRZ will apply around specified centres such as Rosebud, Dromana and Mornington representing 37% of R1Z in the Shire.  No Residential Growth Zoning is proposed anywhere in the Shire.




Flinders Residential 1 Zone is to be included in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone to:.

  • Recognise the predominantly single and double storey development;
  • Limited opportunities for increased development;
  • Retain neighbourhood character, heritage, environmental and landscape character.



The new zone Schedules include:

  • Mandatory maximum building height (8 metres)  (Schedule may be varied).
  • Mandatory minimum lot size and maximum number of dwellings per lot (default two dwellings per lot)
  • Can prescribe the minimum lot size where a permit is required for a single dwelling (currently 300m2 proposed by Council to increase to 500m2).



However although the new zone could combine the elements of the existing R1Z and the DDOs, it is recommended by Council officers that the Schedules should not introduce new variations to the Zone requirements (ie provisions different from the DDOs)




Council report states:“Council will be able to pursue improved neighbourhood character controls through future planning scheme amendments”.  (A number of investigation areas are proposed and changes at this time to both zones and overlays would be inappropriate because of need for public consultation, strategic assessment and lack of time available.)




Council will submit the new zones to the Ministers “Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee” and will arranges notices in the press and to community groups etc.  A public submission period of 20 days is proposed.  The Advisory Committee will hear submissions and then provide advice to the Minister.  Finalisation of the zone conversion throughout Victoria occurs by Ministerial Amendment by 1 July.


Back to Saturday 22 Feb 2013 FCA meeting to discuss the Better Flinders of the Future - please direct enquiries to Neville Wale (5989 0974:nswale.envirosearch@bigpond.com ) : or Peter Monie 0402207730:p.monie@bigpond.net.au  

The meeting discussed Options for Flinders Village Residential Zones that are to replace the current Residential 1 Zone.  The discussion paper prepared by your Association, originally presented at the January AGM, outlined some options for new residential zoning related to the character of Flinders village neighbourhoods.  The paper also sought a review of the current Design and Development Overlay requirements to reflect the projected demographic changes and infrastructure capacities in the village.
Copies of the discussion paper are available for $10 for FCA members or $15 for non members.  The Paper is also available now on the web site:


From Mornington Peninsula Shire Click Here
www.mornpen.vic.gov.au under the “What’s on – Your say” section.You have until 28 Oct 2013.

16 September 2013

Flinders Park and the Cook Street Open Space Draft Long Term Master Plan – On Public Exhibition

The Shire has prepared a Draft Master Plan including actions for improving visitor facilities and protecting the heritage and natural features of the following open spaces in Flinders:

  • Flinders Park at the south-west corner of Cook Street and Norman Street.
  • Open space at 42 Cook Street.

You may view the Draft Master Plan at the Shire Offices in Mornington (2 Queen Street), Rosebud (90 Besgrove Street) and Hastings (21 Marine Parade) or online www.mornpen.vic.gov.au under the “What’s on – Your say” section.

It may also be viewed at the Flinders drop-in session described overleaf. You will be able to speak to a Shire officer about the Draft Master Plan at that session.

If you have any comments, please submit these to the Council for consideration using the feedback form that can be obtained online, from any of the Shire offices or at the drop-in session.

The closing date for return of feedback forms is Monday 28 October 2013. They should be posted, emailed or hand delivered as follows:

Postal address:      Manager Strategic Planning, Mornington Peninsula Shire, Private Bag 1000, Rosebud 3939

Email address:        custserv@mornpen.vic.gov.au

Hand delivery:          Any Shire office or at the Flinders drop-in session.

If you have any questions, please contact Emma Wakefield, Strategic Planner on (03) 5950 1928.

Yours sincerely

Allan Cowley

Manager Strategic Planning


1. Arthurs Seat Tip Proposal.

The EPA has rejected the proposed Tip. The proponent company may appeal to VCAT; they have about two more weeks to decide on an appeal.


2. Hanging Rock threatened by Development.

We have been informed by Macedon Ranges Residents Association that the famous, even iconic, site is under threat and that the potential culprit is their own Council who are reported to have initiated the development without consultation with their Community. If you would like more information, go to this link



Peter Hall's Letter:
The Flinders village town parks

The Mornington Peninsula Shire has formalised a programme to upgrade the town parks and have asked the FCA to provide its thoughts as to how these may be renovated. We are pleased to offer the following.

Over the last three years or so there has been much discussion on how the two park areas in Flinders village could be improved as it is apparent to all they have been largely neglected for some years and are in need of rehabilitation. The essence of those conversations would seem to distill down to the following:

We need to first define the nature and characteristics of the parks.

The main park opposite the community hall should be seen as a family oriented activity park and avoid becoming another example of a botanical park. It needs to have things for people and families to do such as picnic facilities and a BBQ, and childrens attractions – a maze, a play forest, a labyrinth have been suggested to complement the existing playground equipment.

It should not be overly formal and tightly structured. i.e. it ought not emphasise straight lines and neat rows of hedges etc.

It should have some uniqueness about it such that people will say “have you seen the................in the park at Flinders.”. This might be the overall nature of the park itself or it might be a particular element such as an architect designed pavilion rather than a standard rotunda or gazebo.

It should not have to rely on heavy maintenance.

The mid-town park is really a blank canvas the only feature being the toilet block. Therefore there is much scope to employ original ideas. It should not be converted to a car-park as this would destroy the whole feel and atmosphere of the village centre.

Due to its location right in the middle of the commercial section of the village perhaps the focus should be on adults more than children. It could lend itself as an occasional market square for special markets such as fine foods and produce but avoid being a trash and treasure market. It could be a “resting place” for tourists to sit and read a newspaper or enjoy a takeaway coffee from the cafes nearby.

Perhaps there is a way to link it to a path leading from the rear up to the recreation reserve.

We believe the priority of actions to be undertaken (once the overall plan has been agreed) should be;

Main park.

1 Clean out those trees designated as no longer viable, demolish the old weatherboard shed and clear out all unnecessary clutter.

2 Repair and make safe the old cistern/well and present it as an historical feature.

3 Plant out a childrens maze and play forest and plant new trees as specified.

4 Construct a shelter pavilion and install a BBQ.

5 Install new tables and benches of an appropriate design; avoid standard issue treated pine models.

6 Install new toilet block if so decided. Decide whether it should be in the park or across the road next to the existing toilet block of the community hall.(this would be dependant on the planned pedestrian crossing included in the streetscape plan.)

Mid-town park:

1 Replace the four existing (broken) benches with attractively designed table/bench combination units.

2 Replace the no-longer working lamps with a design more appropriate.

3 Then proceed with the elements as identified by the architects and agreed with council and the community.

There is a third park like area which is the lawn space in the front of the community hall fronting Norman St. However, this should not be tackled without first recognising the community's hopes for renovating the hall. As it is, the hall is an architectural disaster but oddly its simple shape lends itself to a surrounding extension that would increase the inside usable space for such things as the annual art show and at the same time create a much more attractive facade. The front lawn therefore could become the basis of an amphitheatre. Thus this is probably a project in itself.

Peter Hall

President, FCA

May 2013


Latest Update on land clearance shown below - Council required owner to plant trees (we count 15) and also provide hessian protection for further planting to try and prevent loss of topsoil. Anyone who walks past on the beach can see how much erosion has taken place over the winter. Not a good look!


(original article in May, 2013)



See Below: it is clear what the Mornington Shire Council's planning

department was concerned about. The owner of the

property just north-west of the Flinders township and overlooking the

beach (just this side of Mornington Park) did not got the necessary

approvals for his destruction of trees and plants on the cliff face - and

the case was been before VCAT for mediation.

Substantial planting and renovation has since taken place.

The photograph was taken on December 27, last, on behalf of the

FCA and sent to the council.






 The 46th Annual Flinders Art Show 2013 on the Queens Birthday Long Weekend in June introduced an exciting new art section with the introduction of an Equine Art Award.
The Judges for most successful Flinders 2013 Art Show were Susan McCulloch OAM and Kimberley Mannix and for the Equine Art Section Lyn Beaumont was the Judge.



Allan Cowley, Shire Planning Guru, reported on progress with the Metropolitan Planning Strategy and to a lesser extent on the Peninsula Planning Statement. He spoke of the proposal to establish significant activity "Hubs" which would "compete" with the CBD for business and industry - thus improving the likelihood of making Melbourne a "20-minute city".

Allan answered a range of questions on the likely impact of planning changes. Questions were wide-ranging, including the potential harmful affect of Council Rates policy on maintenance of the Green Wedge areas.  See the Plan Melbourne website. The closing date for comment was 5.00 pm Thursday 28th March, 2013.  A copy of the Council’s response to the discussion paper is available on the Council website under the heading Melbourne: Let’s talk about the future.

 Red Hill Ward Consultative Group - minutes of February 2013 meeting - lots of issues

The Flinders Historic Signage - more to come

In December 2012 a number of signs were installed to provide residents and visitors with information about the historical significance of some of our buildings and favourite spots.  The new signage will feature points of interest around the Flinders Jetty and Beach. Meanwhile, do have a stroll round to look at the existing signs. The main signage is on the corner of Cook and Norman streets, and there are others near the PO, the General Store and in Cook St opposite the Flinders Hotel and Balin. Then there are the three Cable Station walk signs leading up from the Jetty. Please provide feedback through  Contact Us which enables you to give us your thoughts on these and other issues.

Some of the volunteers erecting the frameworks           Jo Monie, Peter Hall and Neil Williams who made it happen




Since the Rally on PARLIAMENT HOUSE STEPS in November 2012 to protest Minister Guy's proposals for OUR Green Wedge areas, things have quietened and a deathly silence has ensued. We are told that the Submissions are being carefully considered, but we remain alert.

The Rally was another step in the growing opposition to Planning Minister Guy's proposals which, among other outrages, would permit schools, medical centres, service stations, hotels, shops and other suburban facilities to be built on our countryside.

The independent committee assessing the various submissions - reported to be well over 2,000 and most critical of the new planning laws - was due to report to Matthew Guy quickly. Their response has been delayed due to the weight of submissions - reputedly 1800 were related to the Mornington Peninsula.





Click to download the FCA's Submission to the Minister  

FCA Strikes a Blow in THE AGE - Ranald Macdonald and David Gill 

The Planning Guy - but what's he planning?











Wide ranging changes to planning announced September, 2012, by Planning Minister Matthew Guy would materially affect the character and ambience of the Mornington Peninsula and its towns and villages.
These changes have been announced and, while subject to review, are far reaching and will affect all of us in some way. The Minister has since announced that special consideration will be given to the Mornington Peninsula - so, we await his vision with bated breath.

The Government's “one shoe fits all” approach to planning is considered by the FCA to be inappropriate – particularly after analysing how the changes would affect the Mornington Peninsula.

Some publicity has been given to aspects of the substantial changes announced by the Minister earlier this month. These have not involved prior consultation yet responses are sought from interested parties by September 21, this year.

The new approach to planning will impact on the future of the Green Wedge, on farming and on the Flinders township - while also putting pressure on the vital Urban Boundaries. In addition, commercial interests will be encouraged to invest in tourism ventures in the National Parks and Reserves.

Ironically, the stated objective of removing uncertainty about rules, policies and planning regulations to encourage greater investment will create further uncertainty, according to our shire planning department, which believes VCAT will be used more often for decision-making and we will have “planning by appeal”.  In some cases landowners and developers will be given “as of right” permission to do anything they want without anyone knowing about it and leaving others with no right of appeal!
A couple of specific local examples would be that the hotel (opposed by all parties, local members and community groups) proposed a few years ago to be sited at the corner of Browns and Greens roads beside the Mornington Peninsula National Park would just be given the go-ahead without even needing to pretend it was in any way rural or interested in  environmental studies.  A development like T’Gallant, the restaurant, would not have to be heard over the number of customers it could service as the limit of 150 patrons is to be scrapped, as will the requirement of 40 hectares site minimum in the Green Wedge needed before building group accommodation.  Medical centres, places of assembly and primary and secondary schools are all listed as acceptable for the Green Wedge etc. etc.


What the Amendment Proposes

1.          Green Wedge zone provisions are to be liberalized to increase the range of agricultural uses allowed without a permit.  These include Primary produce sales (for produce grown on the land) and Rural Industry (other than an Abattoir and Sawmill and limited floor area to 200m2) but not within 100m of a dwelling in separate ownership and sale area less than 50 sq. m.
Comment: Not requiring a permit means people have the 'as of right' means to do anything they want without having to advertise their intentions so it could mean developments could spring up before anyone knows anything about it and with no right of appeal. The damage would be irreversible. In the interest of conserving landscape and amenity, the siting and design of new buildings such as Rural store demands a permit process.  Compliance supervision will need to increase to ensure retail activities sources product only from the property.  Near-by urban Industrial zones can readily accommodate rural service industry.

2.          The list of Green Wedge zone uses subject to permit are to be widened to include Abattoir, Medical centre, Primary school, Sawmill, and Secondary school.  Permits can be sought for many other uses including those previously prohibited such as Display home, and Service station, Place of assembly including Amusement parlor, Cinema, Drive-in-theatre, Library and Nightclub
Comment: These permits may not have to be advertised and can be purely at Council's discretion. There are no mandatory provisions that apply. These uses are essentially urban uses and should be located close to the urban population with access to the necessary utility services.  Conflicts with farming activities producing smells, dust, noise, waste discharge etc. are likely.

3.         Mandatory conditions are to be deleted relating to the establishment of Function Centre, Group Accommodation, R& D Centre and Research centre, Residential building, Restaurant in conjunction with agriculture etc.  
Comment:  Large cabin/camping parks, Function centres, and Restaurants etc. and could be established on relatively small sites unrelated to agricultural activity.  The main tourist routes could become lined with an uninterrupted ribbon of retail activities and restaurants
Retention of conditions on lot size, area of use, number of patrons, and use “in conjunction with agriculture” etc. is necessary to ensure that these uses do not become intrusive in the landscape.  Conserving landscape and amenity is critical to maintaining the attraction of the Mornington Peninsula as a key recreation and tourist destination.

4.          Mandatory restriction on further subdivision in the Green Wedge zone is removed leaving management and control to Council policy. 
Comment:  Since 1975 the planning scheme has sought to limit the fragmentation of the farming areas from subdivision.  Unless relatively strict controls over further subdivision are implemented, adequate sites for agriculture will be difficult to obtain and the further detriment to Peninsula landscapes from closer settlement will occur. 

5.          Three new residential zones (Residential Growth, General Residential, Neighbourhood Residential) are to replace the current five Residential zones. - These will have more guidelines and multiple schedules.  ResCode will stay in place as will control on building heights and some local policies (DDO).
Comment: The proposal to indicate growth/change expectations for residential zones could have merit but how will this translate to Flinders?  Maintenance of existing village character is essential using existing DDO’s and policies but we will have to fight hard to ensure  they remain in place.  Growth should be limited to infill development within the Urban Growth Boundary.

6.          Shops, Offices, Cafés, Medical, Centres etc. are to be allowed in these Residential zones without need for a permit within 100 metres of a Commercial zone on the same road frontage. 
Comment:  In Flinders, there is already an over-supply of retail floor space.  The commercial frontage will be doubled under the Amendment. This 'as of right' process gives no opportunity for communi