Development & Planning

The FCA continuously monitors significant planning applications that may impact the character and amenities of Flinders.

Public Meeting – Sunday 13 August 2017

Flinders Community Association has been actively involved on your behalf, monitoring permit applications, planning scheme changes and making submissions to Council and Government.
The proposed plans to change the Victorian Planning Controls are not seen as desirable by MPS and many,…

Recent changes to the Victorian Planning System

Metropolitan Planning Strategy
The State Government has projected that Melbourne’s population will increase from 4.5 million to 8 million by 2051. “Plan Melbourne”, the metropolitan planning strategy, introduced amendments to the planning scheme, to ensure that housing supply keeps pace with…

FCA News Alert!

Public meeting on drastic changes to planning laws.

How do you feel about high rise apartments along the water?
Trailer parks on the hills?
State Government gazetted planning changes affecting the Mornington Peninsula without consultation threaten us with:
‘As of right’ shire wide 3…

Flinders Community Association – AGM

Cr David Gill, who represents the Red Hill Ward (which includes Flinders and covers 50% of the MPS) spoke on the workings of Council, planning issues and concerns he has with the way local government has changed since he was…

Proposals, which may affect views from Western end of Flinders Township

Planning Proposal: Application P16/0570 at 2150 Boneo Road Flinders.


An amendment has been put to Council concerning plans originally submitted about 3 months ago.

The FCA is looking at these plans and will consider what response is required – given that proposals of this…

Earlier report on Balin Service Station Application

Earlier report on Balin Service Station Application

Close on the heels of the Planning Minister’s support for the long fought MPS’s Peninsula Planning Statement – which aims to preserve “and enhance” local character, maintain urban boundaries and the Green Wedge  (see…

VILLAGE PUB applies for extensions to food and beverage service areas at 30 Cook Street

The Owners of the Flinders Hotel have applied to the MPS for planning permission to allow for the construction of four ‘pavillions’ beside the former Cove Motel restaurant.

The aplication is aimed at allowing families to be seved from the re-organised…

Maybe – Just Maybe – something important has taken place to protect the Mornington Peninsula for the future

Planning Minister Matthew Guy has announced details of a new Mornington Peninsula Planning statement (MPPS). This has now been gazetted and is therefore in effect.


It follows on recommendations of a committee chaired by Member for Mornington (David Morris MP) building on…