FCA Committee

FCA Committee Profiles – 2017

Dr Neil Hallam (President)

President since February 2017

Committee Member 1997-2007, then 2013 onwards

Former President 2000-2007


Neil is a semi-retired Associate Professor of Botany at Monash University and sits on several Mornington Peninsula committees contributing expertise in the fields of environment and biology. For the past twelve years, he has also lectured locally at Chisholm Institute in Rosebud.

“I have lived in Flinders for 35 years in the rural area fronting Main Creek. While I have had a long term interest in the progress of Flinders, I am equally interested in the rural and agricultural aspects of our community”

Jo Monie (Vice President)

Vice President since February 2017

Committee member since 2012

Jo is a retired manager and librarian. Following her parents’ footsteps, she has been a part-time then full-time Flinders resident for 21 years.

“My interest is in preserving the historical aspects and character of the village, and in making its history more accessible via informational signage, publications, displays and talks.”

Jo has served on the Committee of the Flinders District Historical Society for 12 years, including 7 years as President, and is also a member of Flinders Probus. Recent projects have included the signage in the Flinders Park, along Cook Street, the Cable Station walk and the pier precinct; the ‘fireside chats’ information sessions conducted periodically at the Flinders hotel; and the publication of The ANZACS of Flinders and Shoreham.

Graham Lewis (Secretary)

Secretary since 2016

Membership Secretary since 2009

Committee Member since 2002


Graham is a Mechanical Engineer with a long professional history in the manufacturing and packaging industry. During his career, Graham worked in various engineering roles including product research and process development; and international licensing and the transfer of technology and innovation. He semi-retired in 2000, and then continued as a part-time consultant until 2004.

“We first bought a house here nearly 25 years ago, and made Flinders our permanent home in 2004 when I retired. We are keen to make a contribution to the community that gives us so much enjoyment in our retirement; help preserve the character of Flinders; and ensure that the inevitable development that may occur enhances, rather than detracts, the village’s unique qualities.”

Graham is a member of the Flinders Golf Club; member and former President of the Probus Club of Flinders; and a long-time member of the FCA.

Susan Grant (Treasurer)

Committee Member since 2016

Susan has been a member of the Flinders Community Association for many years and prior to that, the Flinders District Residents and Ratepayers Association. Her family has been associated with Flinders since the late 1890s.

Her tertiary training was in Primary Teaching and she worked in this field in both Melbourne and London. In more recent years she has worked as an Election Official and a Census Collector. Her volunteer work has included Neighbourhood Watch; and as a Council member of her old school.

“I joined the FCA Committee as I would like to play a role in the preservation and future direction of the Flinders area.”

Among her interests are family and local history and she is a Committee Member of the Flinders District Historical Society.


Jan Aitcheson

Committee Member since February 2017

Jan started coming to Flinders regularly in 1995 and moved here permanently in 1997.

“I have a strong belief in the power of hearing local voices. People can make positive differences in their own communities when given the opportunity. I look forward to listening and contributing to an inclusive community in any way I can.”


Annie Austin

Committee Member since February 2017

Annie first came to Flinders with friends when she was aged 12.  Annie’s husband Leigh is a surfer, and so during the early 1980s she and Leigh came to Flinders often, always looking at the real estate window display thinking ‘we’ll never be able to afford a place here…’.

Now retired, Annie and Leigh are full-time local residents along with their dogs and chickens.

“I love Flinders.  After being invited to facilitate community meetings around the festival idea in 2016, I thought the FCA would be a good organisation to be part of.”


Pamela Commons

Events Co-ordinator since 2010

Committee member since 2010


Pam is a foundation member of the FCA and an active member of the Flinders Community. She is a third generation resident and her family were among the earliest pioneers that settled in the town.

“I would like to see the town retain a village atmosphere while still promoting Flinders as a holiday destination to sustain business and employment within our community. I would also like to see the younger generation have the chance to enjoy the same opportunities that I had growing up in this beautiful town.”

Mark Holland

Committee Member since 2004
Mark is the Principal of Holland Property – valuers and advisors. He brings deep property experience and knowledge to the FCA and has directly invested in the development and careful modernisation of the village’s retail precinct.

“My great grandparents came to Flinders in the 1890s. My family still has strong connections to the town and I have been watching Flinders grow and evolve since I was a child.  I have a personal interest in the town’s future and ensuring any future development is appropriate to the village character of Flinders.”

Mark was a key advocate for the FCA in persuading the Mornington Peninsula Shire to adopt more stringent planning controls for the Flinders Village centre, resulting in the introduction of Design & Development Overlay – Schedule 14 (DDO 14) to the planning scheme in 2011.

Ranald Macdonald

Former Vice president from 2014 to 2017

Committee member since 2007


Ranald was Chief Executive of The Age newspaper for almost 20 years; a former morning presenter on ABC radio; Lecturer at RMIT; and Professor of Journalism at Boston University. He Chaired Victoria’s Sesquicentennial Committee; served on Australia’s Bicentennial Board; and is a former President of Collingwood Football Club.

“My interest in being part of the FCA team is simply to ensure we preserve the character of our township, while encouraging intelligent change. I am especially pleased with the role played by the FCA in the development of Plan Peninsula, which aims to preserve the Green Wedge and contain Urban Boundaries.”

Ranald is a permanent resident of Flinders and enjoys golf.

 Charles Reis   

Committee member since 2015

Charles is a senior executive of a public listed company with experience in strategy, corporate services and external relations. He has been a ‘weekend’ resident of Flinders for more than twelve years.

“I first came to Flinders in about 1980 when the road up to the Monument was still unmade; and then bought here 25 years later. My interest in joining the FCA is to ensure that Flinders continues to develop sensibly and in a way that is consistent with its unique village character and inherent natural beauty”.

Charles holds an MBA and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Claire Thorn

Committee Member since February 2016

Claire is a public sector manager with expertise in public administration, governance and community engagement.  Flinders has been Claire’s home for the last six years but she holidayed in Flinders with her family long before becoming a permanent resident.

I love living in Flinders.  I love coming home each day to crisp clean air and the view of Western Port Bay.  I am pleased to be part of the FCA committee again; finding out what the community wants and taking part in community projects that will bring locals together to celebrate the unique village life and environs of Flinders”.

For the last seven years Claire has been the co-convenor of the pet show at the church fete. In 2016 Claire was a member of the ‘Flinders Festival Feasibility Working Group’ and in 2017 Claire managed the ‘First People of Flinders Project’.

Neville Wale

Committee member since 2004

Neville is a retired Town Planner with over 50 years experience in strategic, environmental and heritage planning in government and private practice.  He has served as a sessional member of Planning Panels Victoria; is a former member of the Heritage Council of Victoria; and Honorary Life Member of the National Trust (Victoria).

“I believe that change can be accommodated in Flinders while at the same time maintaining and protecting the valued character and amenity of its neighbourhoods.”

Neville is President of the Flinders District Historical Society. He is also a Past President of the FCA and Flinders Probus Club. Neville holds qualifications in Town and Regional Planning; Heritage Planning and Conservation management; and is a Fellow of Planning Institute Australia. Neville was also involved in the preparation of the Flinders Character Design Guidelines in 1999.

Suzanne (Sue) Wilson

Committee Member since February 2017

Sue qualified as a physiotherapist and worked in geriatric rehabilitation and in private practice with her husband, Roger. For the last 32 years she has run a small specialist travel business.

“The charming village of Flinders has been home now for 3 years.  We have been welcomed most warmly by permanent residents and weekenders. My commitment to the community is to attempt to repay the kindness shown to us.

Safety and accessibility for those with limited mobility is of interest to me. In my short time here I have also observed the rapidly increasing visitor numbers with each holiday period.  Not surprisingly, the special charms of this village and its surrounds have been discovered.  I am interested in contributing to the good management of these increasingly busy times; and to the efforts required to maintain the local charm that attracts us all.

Sue has children and grandchildren in Mt Eliza.  She is an active member of Flinders Golf Club.  She ‘attempts’ to paint in oils with the encouragement of her art teacher based in Merricks.

David Gibbs

David is a lawyer practising in Hastings. Back in the 1980’s he established a visit office in Flinders which he conducted for many years. He has an ongoing commercial involvement in Flinders having owed a business in Flinders since November 2010.

David has a long time connection with the Mornington Peninsula having commenced holidaying in Somers in the 1950’s and has lived permanently there since 1977. He is actively involved in the community and in the CFA in particular having held the rank of Group Officer since 1989 and was awarded an Australian Fire Services Medal in the Queens Birthday Honours in 2009.

I want to foster the relationship between the FCA and the local business community, to increase the viability of these businesses for the benefit of the Flinders community as a whole.


Retired Committee Members

The FCA would like to acknowledge the contribution and participation of retired Committee Members. Our most recent members to retire from the Committee include:


Peter Monie (Retired President)

President from 2014 to 2017

Committee member from 2008 to February 2017


Anne O’Callaghan

Former Secretary in 2010, then 2012 to 2016

Committee member from 2010 to 2016


John Plant

Former Treasurer from 2011 to 2017

Committee Member 2002, then 2010 to 2017


Eric Davey

Committee member from 2008 to 2016


John Iles

Committee member from 2013 to 2017


The Reverend Tim Thorn

Committee Member from 2010 to 2016


We thank each of these members for their voluntary support to the FCA by serving on our Committee.