About FCA

FlindersThe simple aim of the Flinders Community Association is to act in the best interests of its membership and of the Flinders township and of those who live nearby or visit us.

We (the FCA) have over 300 families as members and communicate regularly by e-mail, letter or through this web site on matters of general interest, on activities which may interest visitors or our community and generally to “spruik” the attractions of marvelous Flinders.

2014 was the 150th year birthday for the fishing settlement that was historic Flinders as it marks that anniversary of the first land sales here.

Attractions abound and the FCA promotes Flinders as a destination for good food, wonderful local walks, wine, local galleries, its various shopping attractions and hotel plus motel – and its acclaimed and challenging Flinders golf course overlooking Westernport, our beaches – surfing and otherwise, snorkeling with the attraction of the “weedy sea-dragon” etc. etc. etc., yet recognising some members want to protect the spirit of a quiet, unspoiled local settlement.

Not easy for us to balance.

We are proud of what Flinders and its surrounds have to offer while the FCA’s charter is to protect the “character” of historic Flinders, yet trying to enhance its vibrancy and support our local traders.

Friendly and welcoming – Yes – enjoy and respect what we have to offer and see why people choose to live here, come for weekends or just visit as tourists.

The FCA meets monthly with all locals and members welcome to attend. We are currently experimenting with Thursday evenings and occasional Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. for the weekend visitors.


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