Flinders Community Association – AGM

Flinders Community Association – AGM

Cr David Gill, who represents the Red Hill Ward (which includes Flinders and covers 50% of the MPS) spoke on the workings of Council, planning issues and concerns he has with the way local government has changed since he was last a councillor.

There is a lack of council support, of an ability to amend motions or for major issues of principle to be discussed openly at MPS Council meetings, he said.

Some 200 planning decisions are put to council each week with many of them delegated or allowed despite them being against the planning and Green Wedge guidelines. Employment, tourism and the almighty dollar seem to sway council decisions rather than the principle of preserving the incredible asset Victoria has in its green Peninsula.

A new FCA Committee was elected with both the President Peter Monie and the Vice President standing down and the long-serving Treasurer John Plant reluctantly saying that he had had enough.

The new President is Dr. Neil Hallam, vice President Jo Monie, Secretary Graham Lewis, and the Committee has had an influx of new blood with Susan Grant Treasurer, Committee Members Jan Aitcheson, Annie Austin, Pam Commons, Mark Holland, Ranald Macdonald, Charles Reis, Claire Thorn, Neville Wale, Sue Wilson and after the meeting David Gibbs (our honorary legal adviser) being invited to join to make up the full complement of 14 members.

In his last Presidential address, Peter Monie pointed to the achievements of this and former Committee members and office holders. Nothing happens quickly in local government, he said.

He highlighted the Avenue of Honour, the incredibly popular children’s playground, the improvements to the foreshore and the upgrading of the Cargo Shed, plans for upgrading the other shed at the bend of the pier for the use of VicSwim, the pedestrian crossings and the lights for them and the sculpture on the roundabout, agreement of the flagpole move and construction of an RSL-approved second world war memorial on the Flinders Reserve after an extensive consultation process initiated by former Councillor Tim Wood.

The challenge for all, he said, was to retain the character of Flinders and yet ensure the traders and local activities were supported in the interests of both residents and visitors.