Flinders & District Community Picnic

Flinders & District Community Picnic

Due to popular demand, the Flinders & District Lions Club, with the support of the Flinders Community Association and the Balnarring and District Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank,

is staging the second annual Flinders & District Community Picnic at the Flinders Ocean Beach on Saturday, 17 March from 5 p.m.

Families and friends are invited to bring a picnic basket and enjoy a twilight dinner at the back beach with a back drop of the setting sun. We encourage you to gather the gang in your street, family or club and celebrate together the beauty of this very special place.

Eddy Robert on guitar (check him out on YouTube) and his bongo buddy will serve up some relaxing and subtle busking tunes to match the natural vibe. You may choose to just relax and chat with your community or

participate in one of the activities on offer.


We are privileged to again have Lionel Lauch perform a didgeridoo meditation on the beach for interested people. In this setting it as an unforgettable experience on many levels.

Penny Johns and Susie Guthrie will again be available to inform those interested to learn more about our wading birds.  Jy and Fi’s sand sculpting workshop is back for both children and adults so bring your buckets and spades!

To book a small group tour text your name and number to Mushroom Reef Bookings on 0402 202 962.

Bookings are limited and only those who pre-register and wear sturdy footwear will be offered this opportunity.


The date of this event has been chosen to coincide with a low tide to expose Mushroom Reef in its glory.  It is an opportunity to come together as a community to have some fun, maybe forge new connections and to remind us that we have a responsibility to preserve and protect our natural environment.

Your gold coin donation will be gratefully received by the Flinders and District Lions Club.


In the case of an extreme weather event ( never in Flinders surely!!) the event will be cancelled!!

Flinders and District Lions Club event!