Proposals, which may affect views from Western end of Flinders Township

Proposals, which may affect views from Western end of Flinders Township

Planning Proposal: Application P16/0570 at 2150 Boneo Road Flinders.


An amendment has been put to Council concerning plans originally submitted about 3 months ago.

The FCA is looking at these plans and will consider what response is required – given that proposals of this kind can

have a visual impact on many parts of Flinders, including public open spaces and National Parks, marine or otherwise.

Our objection to the original proposal is posted below:




Mr Ross Fullerton

Planning Services

Mornington Peninsula Shire

Private Bag 1000

ROSEBUD Vic 3939


Dear Ross

Application P16/0570 at 2150 Boneo Road Flinders

The Flinders Community Association objects strongly to the proposed location of the single storey dwelling on this allotment.  It notes that the site chosen for the dwelling is the most obvious on the property being close to the highest part of the land.  The Association accepts that a low profile single storey building is the most appropriate form of dwelling on this property and that the design sets a portion of the building into the slope of the land.  However the “north elevation” of the proposed dwelling, incorporating a pool, retaining walls etc, presents as almost 8 meter high so that the visual impact of the building is maximized when seen from the western part of Flinders village and from much of Bass Park.

The subject property is important to the setting of the township of Flinders and as such any development proposed demands the most careful consideration.  The landscape significance of the subject property is well recognised in the Planning Scheme being notably covered by Environment Significance Overlays 12, 21and 22 and Landscape Significance Overlay 2.

Because of the general absence of trees almost any new buildings on the property would be intrusive in the landscape.  The landscape design proposals, which seek to screen views and the impact of the dwelling, will also significantly change the appearance of the landscape, which is currently pastoral in character.

The Association proposes that alternative sites exist on the property that would be less intrusive and better accommodate a dwelling so as to meet the landscape objectives of the Planning Scheme.

We propose to make further submissions on this matter.

Yours sincerely,


Peter Monie

President, Flinders Community Association

PO Box 234, FLINDERS, VIC, 3929


PH 03 5989 0539

M 0402 207 730