Since the 1970s the Flinders Community Association has been the voice of residents and weekenders, working to preserve and protect the Flinders that you see and enjoy today. We aim to protect the neighbourhood character of our historic village while valuing its vibrancy and quality of life.

The Flinders Community Association aims to act in the best interests of its membership, of the Flinders township and of those who live nearby or visit us. We have over 350 member households and communicate regularly on matters and activities of interest to our community and our visitors.

Our top priorities are:

  • Land use planning to protect village character
  • Fighting inappropriate development
  • Conservation of the surrounding landscape

These were rated by as being of highest importance in community surveys undertaken in 2017 and again in 2021.

Redevelopment of the hall into a multi-purpose community hub rated highly in 2017. Now with the support of the Shire Council and the State Government, we look forward to construction commencing in 2022.

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For only $25 per year, you can become a member of the FCA and help preserve the unique character of Flinders.

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